Tea Party Games

Tea Party Games

After everyone was settled, we took to a few tea games. Our first game was “Don’t Spill the Tea.”


We separated tea guests into two teams each with a full cup of water. Game rules required each team to pass the the tea cup to their team member and walk about 12 feet from where they were standing and back without spilling any of their tea (water).

Team members were to pass the tea cup to each team member until the last person on their team completed their walk. The team with the most tea (water) in their cup won!

Deliberation time was hard. Both teams did really a good job not to spill any tea. However, there could only be one winner and that was the orange tea cup team!

Our tea guests loved it!

DSCN0440 (1)


Next up was our tea hat contest. However, it wasn’t your simple tea hat contest. Contestants had to show off their hats down a “runaway.” You first you needed to come up with your show name, you have to be creative. Then you need to pick your song and strut down the runway.  All our tea guests were AMAZING!  They showed so much character and charisma.


Although we could only have one winner, we gave each contestant a superlative and our grand prize went to “Lady Lilac.”  Isn’t she stunning?!


Overall, we had a blast! Making it one of my most memorable moments with tea. Reliving this event through these photos does motivate me to have another one. I also hope it inspires you to have one with your friends as well.






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