Tea Review: Tea Sanctuary UK – Red Rooibos Tea “Carpe Diem”

Flavor: Today’s tea review is dedicated to Tea Sanctuary UK’s Red Rooibos tea called “Carpe Diem.” The red rooibos tea or red tea was married with pineapple and strawberry pieces and coconut flakes with flavors vanilla, hazelnut and almond.

As a first time red rooibos tea taster and drinker, I must say at first sip you fall in love with the vanilla and almond flavor. It’s burst of flavor is one that makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. The red rooibos is unselfish to the other flavors, it actually compliments the other flavors really well. As for red rooibos itself, it has a flavor similar to cinnamon, strong yet delightful like most rooibos tea.

Red Rooibos tea with rock sugar 

Temperature: 175 degrees Fahrenheit

After Effect: Red tea has a very relaxing after effect as well. It makes sense why it’s considered to bring down stress levels.

Benefits: Red Rooibos has many benefits like eczema, asthma, bone health, insomnia, cardiovascular health, skin care, and prevents kidney stones.

Overall: Great tea to start your morning. It’s smell and taste is definitely one that will awaken the senses.

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