Tea Anecdote: Fall Season’s Lemon Ginger Tea

Interesting Surprise..

As the weather starts to get cold, there’s nothing like a hot cup of tea to keep us warm. Not only do we want tea to heat us up during the fall season, we also want fall-like flavors. As we kicked off October, I was introduced to Dr. Robert’s Lemon Peppermint Ginger. Prior to this tea experience, I’ve had just lemon ginger tea and I was use to the spicy ginger and sour lemon taste. However, when my mother provided me with this new blend with added peppermint leaves, it was to die for!  Dr. Robert’s tea blended all three flavors (lemon, peppermint, and ginger) with sugar kane as an additive, nicely proportion so that you are able to taste every flavor. Each unique flavor compliments each other making it such a great cup of tea to start your morning.

Hmm… A possible trend…

Literally, two weeks later I head to the grocery and I casually walk down the tea aisle and I come across Celestial tea’s “Jamming Lemon Ginger.”  I immediately placed the box in my basket. I said to myself, “this is a sign! What’s with the lemon ginger!” Again, another lemon ginger tea became my first cup of tea in the morning, enough caffeine to kick start my morning.

Ok, Now this is weird…

Then as if it couldn’t be more coincidental, on my way to work I run into a cute cafe called Lucid Cafe in New York City selling their own “homemade honey lemon ginger tea.” I had to stop and try it. And it was AMAZING! Organically made with real ginger and lemon chunks with natural honey. This large cup of tea was big enough to awaken my senses and keep me rejuvenated.

Not a bad habit…

I would say these occurrences were purposeful. This is because Lemon Ginger tea has tremendous benefits.  For the season it’s not too bad of a drinking habit, it is good for cold and flu symptoms, reduces fever, aids digestion, regulate blood sugar, soothe pain, increase hair health, and has been seen as a calming and relaxing tea. Granted, you might not run into a my many happenings with lemon ginger tea but I say it’s worth a try.

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  1. That sounds really good!!

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    1. sheblogstea says:

      It’s becoming addicting and delicious!

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