Afternoon Tea at St. Regis Hotel NYC

It was 3:45pm on Halloween Eve, the day before my birthday, the weather chill with a crisp cool breeze, one perfect for afternoon tea. The dress code elegant casual, the decor — very luxurious, with ancient paintings, pillars with gold plated trimmings, and glamorous chandeliers, one fit for royalty, a Queen on her “almost birthday.”

You walk in and you’re seated in the epicenter of the hotel, “Astor Court,” ceilings surrounded by paintings, the lighting subtle, table setting modern but quaint, with tasteful gold accents. The server provides you with the menu and you have two choices of an afternoon tea experience “Lady Astor Tea” or “Caroline’s Tea.”

Me and my guest chosed both tea experiences each very different. The small plates included belgium sugar and raisin scones, cucumber dill sandwiches, marinated shrimp, caviar, smoked salmon, and crab salad. There were so many little bites which were enough to keep us both full! My choice of tea was Darjeeling while my guest had a Tropical Oolong.

Tropical Oolong

The Darjeeling had a bold fruity flavor and provided a burst of energy that I needed, while withthe Tropical Oolong tea you immediately taste the hint of passionfruit with a hint mango enough to give off a sense of relaxation and ease. Both teas loose leaf and served hot with there very own tea kettles.

In it all, it was the best Birthday gift ever! I had an AMAZING time. The staff were polite and the ambiance was perfect for afternoon tea. I didn’t want to spoil all the deets on the place, there are other surprises I would like you to witness on your on — that is if you are ever in The NYC area. 😉

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