Tea for A Cause: #SheBlogsTea supports #Lupus Awareness

This past weekend I was invited to serve tea at my best friend Tyresa’s Lupus Brunch. All proceeds and donations went straight to the Lupus Research Alliance. At the brunch we had awesome speakers and lupus warriors sharing their personal stories/journeys with us.  It was so inspiring to meet people so strong living out their purpose.

As the tea hostess my goal was to introduce the attendees to different flavors of tea and glance over some of it’s benefits. At first guests were a little hesitant but then after my quick introduction and speech guests were motivated to try some tea. I chosed Physical Graffitea as my tea vendor, a small but quaint tea shop with AMAZING flavors and tea blends.

Because it was a little brisk outside, I wanted to introduce autumn/ fall season tea flavors. I wanted to expose guests to a different kind of tea experience, rather than serve them with the “typical” lemon, green, and ginger tea. The tea flavors were Passion Tea Lemonade, Nutty Apple, Cinnamon Plum, Chocolate Mint, Blueberry Rooibos, WinterBerry (from Teavana) and Cranberry Autumn Blend. All tea blends 100% natural tea leaves.


The guests favorite tea blends were Cinnamon Plum, Blueberry Rooibos, and Passion Tea Lemonade. The Cinnamon Plum had a strong spike of spice with a tangy finish.  The Blueberry Rooibos had this sweet and fruity yet smooth finish, but very hydrating. The Nutty Apple just felt warm, it had a powerful nut flavor with a light sweetness of the apple, not only did it taste good, the aroma engulfed the room. The Chocolate mint made guest feel like winter was on the way….haha… It was a perfect blend of chocolate with a minty finish.

I absolutely enjoyed sharing my tea passion with the guests. It was rewarding to see how many people learned about tea and it’s benefits. After the tea tasting there were so many tea advocates and people willing to reach out and learn more about tea. This made me happy and brought so much warmth to my heart.

Until the next tea excursion.  Be well! 🙂




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