Afternoon Tea – LA Style

On a business trip to the LAX , I got the opportunity to stop by HiSocieTEA (right outside the W Hotel) for some afternoon tea with one of my best friends. As soon as you walk in the tea haven the aroma pulls you in. You are then welcomed by a friendly human who welcomes you to smell some of their teas.

There were so many to smell, I was in tea heaven. The hostess started by asking a few questions about how we like our tea, hot/cold with high antioxidants, or just for the flavor. After much deliberation and tea conversation, so many sandwiches and sweet choices, we decided to stay for afternoon tea. Not to mention the decor was very inviting.

For hot teas we kept it “fall,” and started with a cherry blossom red rooibos, cinnamon apple oolong and for cold tea, we had Tropical Garden Party.

The cherry blossom red rooibos was a subtle touch of sweet that married well with light cream. It was slightly sweet which so pleasantly complimented their freshly homemade raisin scones. The scones were to die for!

The cinnamon apple oolong was like no other oolong tea I’ve ever had before. Usually oolong has a very potent taste known to help with mental alertness and metabolism. However, with this oolong tea you tasted more of the cinnamon apple with an oolong after taste. Definitely the push of energy we needed after a long day sightseeing.

The tropical garden party was the perfect cold tea, coupled with a variation of berries and passionfruit. Definitely, a herbal tea that quenched your thirst and so satisfying cold.

As I mentioned before the scones were great! For mini sandwiches we had cucumber radish, devil egg salad, smoke salmon, and a crab cake. For sweets it varied from pumpkin pie mini cakes to a delicious macaroon.

In it all, if you are in the LA are I highly recommend that you stop by HiSocieTEA for some afternoon tea.

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