Part I: Holiday Tea Adventures: A Burning Ceremony with Tea

Have you ever heard of a burning ceremony? Me neither. I was invited through a friend of a friend to come to her house and serve tea for an intimate get together. The hostess of the burning ceremony told me come with whatever teas I’d like to serve. I was ecstatic and nervous at the same time. So I ordered some teas and with the help of my mom purchased some cookies and tea biscuits for the event. It started promptly at 4:30pm – 6:30pm on Saturday, December 16th.

The hostess and a few of her friends arrived promptly. I had them try a few teas: Ginger Coconut, Ruby Apple Cider, White Chocolate Peppermint, Winterberry, and Mango Green tea. The crowds personal favorites were the Ruby Apple Cider, Winterberry, Mango Green Tea, and Ginger Coconut.

After they tried the many different teas it was time for the burning ceremony! Our lovely hostess asked us if we (Me and my Mom) were going to participate, and we said yes. Not having a clue what we were participating in… she started to explain the rules. We were to write 2 letters: 1) one letter to 2017, it would list all the things we wanted to let go. 2) second letter to 2018, it would list all the things we aspired, needed, and wanted. Both letters would entail any goals or bad habits that were physical, mental, and emotional to you. More importantly, all letters were kept private, none of it would be shared with anyone but you. Thereafter, you would then write your name and address on an envelope and place your 2018 letter in it. Your hostess than vows to place the letter in her safe and mail your 2018 letter to you on that same date in 2018. This will allow you to reflect on all you’ve done and completed that year.

Once the letters were complete the hostess secured our 2018 letters as we all prepared to put our coats on to go outside and burn our 2017 letters. Guests came outside with tea as we formed a circle around the grill to burn our 2017 letters.

Although, we were altogether to what seemed to be the fastest two hours, it was the most meaningful two hours that I had all year. Who knew adding tea to a burning ceremony would be such a delight.

I would love to hear how you all are celebrating the holidays with tea! Share here in the comments! 🙂

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