Part II: Holiday Tea Adventures: A Christmas Tea Remedy

So it’s Christmas Eve, a few hours after a long day at the family business. My dad says, “you guys hungry,” we say, “yes!” We come home and he says, “Before dinner, I have some tea for you guys.”  Tea! You are speaking my language.

He starts to boil water, with ginger, garlic , and lemon bits that he chopped earlier that afternoon. He brings over a a teapot and pours in four cups of tea. The aroma was rather ravishing, however the taste spicy with a little tang to it.

He then starts to explain the benefits and a conversation spurs up around the dining room table about this particular tea’s benefits. Some of the benefits we discussed were how the tea works to help burn fat in the arteries, aids with your sinuses and colds, improves the respiratory system, boosts the immunity, and weight loss.

For moment, it felt good to discuss tea with family, one of the very few gifts I’m most grateful for this Christmas.

Please share with me – what are some of your family tea remedies.

Have a Merry Christmas!


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