Part III: Holiday Tea Adventures: Afternoon Tea – at the Prince Tea House (Flushing, Queens NYC)

It was later in the afternoon when myself and a friend wrapped up dinner and wanted dessert. But, not the dessert at the restaurant, oh no! That wouldn’t do! She suggested a tea house, one that had a laundry list of teas with pleasant desserts. She said, “let’s try Prince Tea House, they are all over the city and their teas are delicious, you’ll love it!”

We get there and there’s a bit of wait. I immediately say to myself this must be really good. So we wait, to what seem to be 15 minutes max, however it had to be the fastest 15 minutes because the whole time I was looking around and taking in the beautiful tea aroma.

Finally, we are seated for a table for two. We are then handed a booklet which house (no pun intended) the laundry list of teas I mentioned previously. There’s all kinds of tea! Bubble tea, milk tea, hot tea, different variations of green tea, oolong, fruity and herbal teas! I was in tea heaven. I couldn’t decide what to try! I ended up with the tropical fruit tea which was served in a floral pot over a candle lit warmer. By the way, I’m always intrigued to try the fruity teas because you never know what you’ll get. In any event, it was the perfect blend of fruits, I adored every sip. My friend had the mango milk tea, which she loved!

Then came dessert, I ordered a fruit toast while my friend ordered a banana waffle. However, what I thought was going to be a thin slice of toast ended up being the thickest toast bread I ever saw topped with some of my favorite fruits: mango, melon, strawberry, and banana. It also had one scoop of ice cream with caramel drizzles. AMAZING!

If you are in New York and want to stop by for a spot of tea and dessert, try Prince Tea House! Not to mention, its super affordable, that it’ll make you want to try everything!

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  1. SudsEats says:

    Love that tea pot and heater. I recently had a fruit tea, it was nice initially but was too sweet in the end.

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    1. sheblogstea says:

      Isn’t it cute! I too, have had some fruit teas that were too sweet at the end. Sometimes it can be a hit or miss with some fruit teas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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