Afternoon Tea – Japanese Style (Manhattan – NYC)

So as I was wrapping up 2017, I shared a Facebook post with my close friends and family about my blog and how in a world that seem so cold I used tea to keep me warm and uplift my spirits.  Once I shared the post, my closest kinsfolk decided to share with me a few places to have some afternoon tea. A former co-worker mentioned Cha-an teahouse; a Japanese style tea house with an extensive tea list with a succulent dessert menu.  So, to wrap my last full vacation day before work, I went to have a massage at the earlier part of day and closed the afternoon with some tea.

Cha-An teahouse is located in East Village in Manhattan, NYC.  When you enter, there’s a display of the menu before you walk up the stairs to their small but very quaint teahouse. You are welcomed by the waiter who shows you to your seat and presents you with your menu.

There were so many teas to choose from, they were pretty creative with the matcha tea collection, and had many variations of green and oolong teas, as well as a few herbal teas.  I decided to have what’s called the “Wooden Dragon,” an oolong tea with gin, vermouth, olive, and a lemon twist.  It was a nice way to closeout a tranquil day. The oolong tea was mellow with slight “twang” to it. My guest is a fanatic for matcha tea and decided to try the matcha latte premium which was complimented with green tea ice cream, red beans, whipped cream, & brown sugar syrup. I had a little taste and it was AMAZING,the ice cream and the red beans were a nice touch. I think I will have to try that next time I visit.

To accompany our tea we shared a Grilled Salmon Toast as well as an Egg Salad Toast. And I must say, as much as I love salmon the egg salad toast was to die for. It was so well prepared I didn’t want it to end.

Egg Salad (top), Grill Salmon toast bottom, Japanese pickles in the middle.

For dessert we decided to try their Homemade Mochi. There are three flavors, green team, earl grey chocolate, and black sesame. Unfortunately, when we got there the earl grey chocolate was sold out, so we tried the green tea and the black sesame.  The black sesame mochi is an acquired taste, not particularly my favorite. The green tea mochi was potent, but tasty and the one I most enjoyed.

Dessert menu
Homemade Mochi

If you are in the Manhattan area and would like to try Japanese style afternoon tea, you must visit Cha-An teahouse. It’s a peaceful place with lots of charm.

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Until the next tea adventure.


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