Afternoon Tea @ The Williamsburg Hotel

It was one of the warmest Saturdays in January thus far. Myself and a friend wanted to catch up and enjoy the nice weather we had. So we went for Afternoon Tea, at the Williamsburg Hotel, a place my best friend had recommended me to try. Once we walked in we walked down a colonial stairway towards the section where the hotel was serving afternoon tea and brunch.  The decor very retro and chic with a hip vibe to it.

The waiters were very busy, it seemed like a popular day for some afternoon tea. The waiter asked, “Brunch?,” I then asked, “Can we have your Brooklyn High Tea option?” She replies with, ” We usually take reservations and today we are really busy and showed us to our seats. The response didn’t sit with us well. So as she came back around to take our brunch orders, I then asked, “I had reservations, however, it may be too late for it.” She then says, “Well why didn’t you tell me?, What’s your name?” Share my name,and then she said,” Sure, we can accommodate you.”  The conversation was a little off putting and set an unsettling vibe for the rest of the afternoon.  I reviewed the menu and thought to myself this isn’t even “Brooklyn High Tea,” it’s afternoon tea. High Tea is between 5pm -7pm, I don’t get it.

My friend reminded me that this the setting for the environment that we are in, and let’s take in more of the experience, it  just may not be your style.

So we placed our order. My tea guest had a green tea  and I had the “Wild Pear, tisane.” My tea guest thought the green tea was potent and was better enjoyed with honey. I however, loved the Wild Pear tisane and with added honey it was amazing.  Without honey, there was a delicate sweetness similar to apple/pear for sure. The honey added made it such a delight. I definitely wanted a second cup. However, they were out of tea pots and we had to request a fresh pot. Other tables that had tea pots were their earlier and there for much longer.  I must say it was a bummer not having a tea pot.

A little thereafter, we received our three tiers of sandwiches and desserts. The three tiers included:  a mini almond pie, chocolate & rosemary scone, cream cheese carrot muffin, pistachio bar, fresh fruit tart, spicy salami & bk ricotta pizzette, smoked salmon, cucumber & labne sandwich, and avocado toast.  My personal favorites were the pistachio bar and the avocado toast. I’m still unsure if I like the pizzette, it caught me off guard and was one I could’ve remain without.

Overall, I had a good time catching up with my friend. I took time to be present and enjoy my cup of “Wild Pear,” tisane.  The afternoon tea is definitely fitting for Williamsburg. If you enjoy a more chill and hip vibe for afternoon tea. This is definitely the choice for you.

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