Nippon Cha USA – Bayside, Queens

It’s been awhile since I’ve kept my tea friends abreast of my tea adventures. This one is pretty recent actually. It was one of those weird warm afternoons, in the middle of winter, approaching spring, but with the smell of snow coming soon. The weather has been all over the place in NYC, however, it was a nice afternoon/night to go out.

Myself and my boyfriend went out for quick bite to eat,  with the thought of possibly picking up some tea after. Sidenote, I got him to love matcha by the way, so he found this neat shop in Bayside Queens called Nippon Cha.  We were really on the quest for some ramen, so when we sat down in their cute boutique, wooden-like seating area, we reviewed the menu and saw MATCHA! We both looked at each other like, “WHAT! this clearly was meant to be.” We immediately order drinks and completely forget that we were there for ramen. He had hot matcha and I had matcha lemonade.

The cool thing about going for tea with a close family member, boyfriend, best friend is that you can try each other’s drink!  The matcha lemonade was so fresh with no artificial sweeteners, sugar or honey. The hot matcha was just that hot matcha with a little milk! It was perfect, even though the weather was weird, it was the right setting, temperature, and experience for some tea.

I’m sort of proud I’ve found two tea places in Queens, NY so far.

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