Little Choc Apothecary – Brooklyn

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and my boyfriend and I wanted to try a Vegan brunch for the first time. We walked in with an open mind and to our surprise they served a laundry list of teas and tisanes. Since he found the place I asked repeatedly, “you must’ve known they serve tea,” and he goes, “I had no idea.” So at this point, I was not only excited to have the vegan treats but have one of their delicious teas. Their tea blends and tisanes were so creative and tasty.

I ordered the “honeybush chai,” while my boyfriend ordered the matcha tea. The honeybush chai was the perfect tea to wake up all my senses, and uplift my spirits. Not to mention, I’m a sucker for ginger, cinnamon, cloves and all it’s many benefits. I love the addition of spices in my tea!

The teaware was so pretty! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it and in different angles.

This was one of my favorite tea excursions. Not only because the waitress was so nice but also because it was a pleasant surprise to trying something new like a vegan brunch with my favorite beverage — TEA. A surprise is probably the best part of a random excursion.

I will be back again!

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  1. Where is this lovely place?


    1. sheblogstea says:

      This in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC! Isn’t lovely! 🙂

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      1. Oh my goodness yes!! I want to go right now.

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