#sheblogstea 2nd Annual Tea party


We kicked off the summer with #sheblogstea party on June 24th, 2018. Invitations were sent in April 2018 with suggestions via pinterest links on attire and etiquette. This year was definitely bigger and better than last year with 35 sent invitations and 30 attendees the day of the event.

Guests arrived promptly. Some of which weren’t invited. But how could you kick out a mother duck with her ducklings!


Since the first one last year July 2017, it was important to schedule this one earlier and add additional decor and settings closer to a traditional tea party. Some decor elements were personal touches of myself and my mother.

We kept to the theme we had last year, by dedicating one primary color to each table. We added solid color teapots to accentuate the table’s bold color. Some table had plaid napkins to make the lessen colors within the teaware pop.




Also on the table were menus and our first game to kick off the tea party— tea theme bingo.  Each table had one with gold coins to cover the item called. See below our two bingo winners!

Tea games included: bingo, raffles, “Don’t spill the tea,” and the ultimate #sheblogstea fashion show.  Our tea prizes were beautiful teapots for bingo and raffle prize winners, and mini tea cups for the winning “Don’t Spill the tea,” team.  See below some of our winners!

This year I stepped up the tea menu and prep the tea guests on what tier to eat first with a little history on how the three tiers were prepared. The menu included from bottom to top: savories:  nashville chicken, beef wellingtons, lamb samsosas, and quiche assortments, for sweets we had Noreen Cakes scones, and dessert included Moore flavors cheesecakes : apple caramel crisp, ginger snap, pineapple and banana pudding.

For teas I served 3 hot teas and 3 cold ones. First hot tea, darjeeling from India, I wanted to expand the tea guests to another breakfast tea other than english breakfast tea.  It was a little bitter from some, while others truly enjoyed it.  The second up and the tea guests favorite was a budda chai tea, and lastly mango green tea. All hot tea were served in #sheblogstea tasting cups. Our cold teas were grandma’s garden berry, which included various red teas like rooibos, hibsicus, and multiple berries, like elderberries, blueberries and raspberries. We also had a strawberry pineapple tea chilled. I wanted to give tea guests some fruity summer flavors.


Towards the end of the tea party we made our way to take photos. We always take the traditional male and female only shots as well as family friends and family shots. All the photos just show a great time with family and close friends. And I just love seeming them in such colorful and well selected attire. It makes me so happy when we can come together with tea and have a good time.


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