A unique find that finds you.

It’s been a long while since I posted on here. Life has been a crazy ride and in 2020, all I wanted to do was be cozy in my room with a cup of tea. Tea helped me ride the turbulent waves of 2020. But, now we are here. It’s 2021 and something about the energy and air feels clear, free, and refreshing. It feels like a year of possibility and I plan to continue to bring tea along for the ride.

What’s really cool about my lifelong hobby of tea tasting, tea mediating, and tea indulging is that my close family, friends, and co-workers, know it’s the way to my heart. Lately, they’ve sent me DMs like, “Did you see this new tea?,” or some would clear their kitchen cabinets and say, ” I have all this tea, Do you want it?”, or in this particular case – just gift me tea.

However, this one is special. A lady was moving out her house and auctioning/giving away her items that she didn’t want to take to her new home. One of the items she gifted my bonus family was a Bentley Royal Classic Premium Hand Decorated Exotic Wooden Tea Chest . A beautiful tea chest that they then gifted to me. I was ecstatic to pick it up. At my surprise upon receiving the tea chest there were 12 different flavors of Bentley tea. I was so excited to go home and research all the wonderful things I knew and heard about Bentley’s finest tea. The name alone rang luxury.

What I learned? Bentley’s finest tea was purchased by an American company called Boston Tea Company. This particular collection is Ceylon tea which is a black tea from the highlands of Sri Lanka. So the flavor will be a little bit more bold strengthening any flavor added to it’s unique nature. This collection is the Emperor Chan Nug Ceylon Tea Bag Collection. If you have not yet discovered how tea was founded, I would like to introduce you to Emperor Chan Nug. He was boiling water under a shaded tree and the leaves happen to fall into the water producing a pleasant aroma. He then tasted it and found it to be very delicious which then created this wonderful ceremony we all now know as tea.

However, upon my research quest I realized that there is much more that needs to be discovered about Bentley’s finest tea. There is more I feel like we all need to know. The logo alone has me very curious. Just being purchased by the Boston Tea Company is not enough for me. Where does Bentley tea really originate from and why is it called Bentley? I searched all over the internet and nothing seemed creditable to quote or share.

For now, I will tell you this – I pleasantly enjoyed the raspberry and mango teas the most! It’s the perfect black tea to start my morning and for when I need a little kick of energy to start the day. It also reminded me of Emperor Chan Nug and how he stayed present to tea’s aroma and taste. Further reminding me how wondrous it is to enjoy some of the world’s finest inventions.

I’ll close with this – tea’s history may seem so simple to some but it shows you how simple, spontaneous, and serendipitous tea and any invention can be. It can simply just fall in your cup and become a trend the whole world can enjoy. Moreover, just like how tea always spontaneously finds me through those close to me, it’s always an experience worth sharing.

I hope that what ever it is that finds you comfort and wholeness always finds you. And that you continue to share some of God’s most precious gifts, inventions, and experiences with the world.

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