Tea Review: Tea Sanctuary UK – Red Rooibos Tea “Carpe Diem”

Flavor: Today’s tea review is dedicated to Tea Sanctuary UK’s Red Rooibos tea called “Carpe Diem.” The red rooibos tea or red tea was married with pineapple and strawberry pieces and coconut flakes with flavors vanilla, hazelnut and almond.

As a first time red rooibos tea taster and drinker, I must say at first sip you fall in love with the vanilla and almond flavor. It’s burst of flavor is one that makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. The red rooibos is unselfish to the other flavors, it actually compliments the other flavors really well. As for red rooibos itself, it has a flavor similar to cinnamon, strong yet delightful like most rooibos tea.

Red Rooibos tea with rock sugar 

Temperature: 175 degrees Fahrenheit

After Effect: Red tea has a very relaxing after effect as well. It makes sense why it’s considered to bring down stress levels.

Benefits: Red Rooibos has many benefits like eczema, asthma, bone health, insomnia, cardiovascular health, skin care, and prevents kidney stones.

Overall: Great tea to start your morning. It’s smell and taste is definitely one that will awaken the senses.

Tea Party Games

Tea Party Games

After everyone was settled, we took to a few tea games. Our first game was “Don’t Spill the Tea.”


We separated tea guests into two teams each with a full cup of water. Game rules required each team to pass the the tea cup to their team member and walk about 12 feet from where they were standing and back without spilling any of their tea (water).

Team members were to pass the tea cup to each team member until the last person on their team completed their walk. The team with the most tea (water) in their cup won!

Deliberation time was hard. Both teams did really a good job not to spill any tea. However, there could only be one winner and that was the orange tea cup team!

Our tea guests loved it!

DSCN0440 (1)


Next up was our tea hat contest. However, it wasn’t your simple tea hat contest. Contestants had to show off their hats down a “runaway.” You first you needed to come up with your show name, you have to be creative. Then you need to pick your song and strut down the runway.  All our tea guests were AMAZING!  They showed so much character and charisma.


Although we could only have one winner, we gave each contestant a superlative and our grand prize went to “Lady Lilac.”  Isn’t she stunning?!


Overall, we had a blast! Making it one of my most memorable moments with tea. Reliving this event through these photos does motivate me to have another one. I also hope it inspires you to have one with your friends as well.






The Tea Party

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 1.53.29 PM.png

It was a cool summer day in July, a Sunday, skies looked gloomy at first, with a nice breeze.  What seemed to be a gloomy morning turned out to be a glorious afternoon for some tea.  Tea guests arrived promptly at 2pm (invitation via paperless post) ready to try all that the tea party had to offer.  Below gives a gist of the vibes and the ambiance of the fabulous tea party. Hopefully it provides you with some ideas for your next tea party.

The Table Setting 


Each table setting had it’s own color scheme. We wanted tea guests to embrace the colors of each cup, plate, charger, fork, and teaspoon. Each table was complimented by a bouquet of flowers which accentuated the tea ware placed on the table.  We also provided fans for tea guests for added decor.

DSCN0338 (1)

Additives on the table were Belgium rock sugar and honey sticks. The intent was to have tea guests taste the tea for its organic flavors and not be so distracted by their sweeteners.


Tea / Savories / Dessert Menu

It was a summer day in July,  tea tasters needed refreshing teas that would hydrate and cool them down. So I started the day with Tazo’s Passion Tea mixed with fresh lemonade. Right next to it was Teavana’s Raspberry Limeade.


For those that wanted hot tea, I made Teavana’s pineapple kona pop with flowering pineapple as well as a separate kettle with Teavana’s peach tranquility.



In between the various tea tastings,  I first served a cajan shrimp cocktail to start, followed by turkey, ham, and roast beef croissant sandwiches, beef and veggie patties, and cheese straws.


Thereafter, to top it off, for dessert I served fruits and Moore Flavors cheesecakes. We had the following flavors of cheesecakes: passionfruit, pineapple, apple crisp, peanut butter and jelly, guava, and caramel. Each mini cheesecake was to die for and married very well with the tea choices.


At around 4pm I served the second batch of teas. I started off with Bluebird’s G & Tea mixed with a gin cocktail.  After that was rapidly depleted, I followed up with a Bluebird’s Raspberry Russian and Bramble Ramble both combined with gin. However, I must say G & Tea was the crowd’s favorite.


This was just the first half of the day, stay tuned for next week’s post, where I will share with you all some of our tea party games!



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